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Taking care of the Environment

Natural Latex is environmentally friendly. It is made from renewable resources, & it is biodegradable. We do not support balloon releases as this litters the environment unnecessary.



At Balloon Guys all of our latex balloons are made from high - quality natural latex which is created using the sap from Rubber trees which is an organic material and fully biodegradable. Latex is harvested from tree similar why maple syrup is. 

The tree is not cut down & can produce latex for over 30 years 



 Leading manufacturers source their latex from sustainable Rain Forest alliance certified & forest stewardship Council Plantations . Contributes to building healthy forests, thriving communities & fights climate change. A latex balloon biodegrades at the same rate as an oak leaf ( 6 months ) Due to this , balloons can be disposed of in landfill. 



Helium grade 4 

The lowest level of purity on the market. Grade 6 & above is the purest form this is used for medical purpose. Both Grades originate from the same source but balloon gas is unrefined and contains about 2% other gases - meaning its unsuitable for  scientific applications. 

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